Our Action....

To encourage Community Resilience and Self-sufficiency


I am active in my community as a Supporter, with a great passion for working

with immigrants, refugees, elders, ex-offenders, and youth.

 I also enjoy volunteering

for causes that involve Civil Rights, Social Action Education, Self-Sustainability, 

Human Rights and Poverty Alleviation. 

Maria Siemaszko
Founder & President
Strong Advocate for the Less Fortunate

After working many years in a local Career Center, I became aware of

the need for men to have a clothing service within our community.  

Thankfully this became a reality in 2016.  Stepping Up 4 Men Program

fills a great void, which was lacking for gentlemen's need of clothing for interviews

and other needs. I am happy to be a part of this organization and

a great program to continue serving men in need.

James McGrath
Programs Director
                             I am that Beacon and voice,
                 that person that will always go that extra

                   I am a giver as well appreciated and grateful to still be here as a bridge in a
          multicultural community. I am thankful that I can still be part of communities where
                                 I still do outreach to those who cannot do it for themselves.
          Bring the bridge, the voice in respect to the resources that people are not aware of it.  
                         Grateful that people trust and confide in me that they do reach out.

                         Felix Rivera
                     Community Outreach Director




To give back to the Community where I came from 

I am a lover of life and optimistic.  I have a passion for makeup and
helping other people feel beautiful from the inside out.
I am very familiar with the community we are based in and,
enjoy helping in any wayI can improve their quality of life.
Giving back to my community is very important to me, and
I enjoy being able to do that while being with this organization.

Rachel Lauzon
Public Relation & Donation Direct

 To create local solutions with a global cause

Andrea Siemaszko
International Development Director 

As a developer I promote capacity-building and empowerment programs providing 

underserved populations an opportunity to an improved way of life.

 I'm an advocate of participatory planning methods providing marginalized groups

an opportunity to participate in local community planning processes.

The overall goal in mind is to create local solutions,

that harmonize views among all participants within a community 

facilitating a bottom-up approach that

harnesses public/private partnerships as a means to achieve social, health, and

economic development goals.

Help the Community the best that I can 

I am a  Vietnan Navy Veteran,  I have passion for outdoor activities and

helping people at the best of my abilities

I have 40 years of experience in the Quality control field.

 I am very familiar and active within my community and,

I am always lend a hand to thoses who need.

I  love being active in this organization

Dail Tong
Quality Control Director
Diva Lacerda

To provide equal access to Resources and Opportunities 

I'm  dedicated to serving as a bridge extending community resource services in local non-profit community projects . Volunteering time to helping young women and men find resources to help them in their education development such as Income Tax Assistance to low income communities. I also enjoy serving as an interpreter in the local community improving access to resources to struggling areas. I strive to bring help to unprivileged children, youth, women, homeless, in community development and education.

I am a Fighter and an Activist for a Better World

Collaborator and Entrepreneur of this Noblest Human Gesture towards the most needly " my Community"  and to offer a helping hand in their most challenging moments.

I have 20 plus years of experience working with low-income populations with medical assistance, food, and daily needs. 

Happy to join this organization to continue fighting to make a better world 

Freddy Leon 

Venezuela World Ambassador