Stepping Up 4 Men 


About Us

Stepping Up 4 Men provides all-around job-readiness to men seeking to elevate their career, whether that be applying for an entry-level job, or looking to climb the ranks. Along with soft skills training this program is dedicated to ensure that upon release youth and men can reap the benefits of work release and job training programs that aim to reduce mass incarceration. According to the Washington State Institute for Public Policy job training, vocational education programs, and work release produce modest but statistically significant reductions in recidivism.

   Our Mission

   The mission of Stepping Up 4 Men is to serve as a resource to local men by providing them the proper attire to triumph during job interviews and professional aspirations because all men deserve to feel their best while job searching.


    Our Services 


  • Suiting

    We provide “gently used” quality business attire, such as: suits, slacks, shirts, sweaters, shoes and accessories for interviews and the workplace. Our closet selection ranges from manufacturing clothes, such as : boots, pants, jeans and shirts. Once you've scheduled an interview, obtain a referral to visit the Stepping Up 4 Men Boutique during a scheduled appointment. Our volunteers will work with you to help you choose an interview outfit and will also provide guidance and support for the upcoming interview.